The concept of living things: adding life to machines

What is "incredible"?

Let’s suppose you’re reading this in 20 years from now, probably you’ve experienced so much amazing things that robots are no longer incredible. And by that, let’s use this word:


How to achieve that concept

There’s a lot of possibilities to achieve that “Unbelievable!!” effect on people, and it depends on the living thing that you’re mostly prone to create. It could be a new form of interaction to something, or even an entirely new thing you’ve gotta teach people what to do with it. Designers call this “affordances”: how many possible ways you can interact with an object.

What makes a living thing

So far, we’ve noticed that for a living thing to amaze us must have:

  • Living behavior
  • Must transmit empathy


The hack that we’ve created to understand other living beings from the same species most of the time, pretty effective as you may have noticed reading this post. For sharing information is wonderful, but sharing emotions may not be enough.

Visual contact

Some even say that the eyes are the gateway to one’s soul, as most of the eye movement is uncontrollable when communicating and there may be understandable patterns from one being to another. Again not a perfect one, due to the fact that someone who is able to control those variables can hide or suppress its own feelings.

How eyes can generate empathy


Have you ever laid on your pet’s belly? Could be any pet, a dog, horse, cat, or even a human, a loved one, perhaps your children. Do you know the feeling when you can feel the heartbeat or the breathing pattern?

Body response

When you think about a dog, you clearly detect its happiness through the tail behavior. Cats may have a slightly different behavior, and when you think of humans, perhaps the smile is the easiest way, or someone’s eye pattern while smiling.


We’ve been able to check a few incredible things, and what exactly is the point of living. It contains a little random and unexpected behavior, but not entirely as we can learn to interact and understand. There are multiple ways to explore how a living thing can be perceived as "alive", but one viable option is to replicate living concepts from already known empathetic living beings.



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Ryoji Kuwae Neto

Ryoji Kuwae Neto


Data Scientist | Machine and Deep learning lifelong student with aspiration to be a Roboticist in the future